XTC have released twelve original albums, six EPs and over thirty singles since being signed to Virgin Records in 1977.

XTC studio albumsEdit

White Music
Go 2
Drums and Wires
Black Sea
English Settlement
The Big Express
Oranges & Lemons
Apple Venus Volume 1
Wasp Star (Apple Venus Volume 2)

The Dukes of Stratosphear releases Edit

25 O'Clock (Vinyl only 12" EP)
Psonic Psunspot (Vinyl only album)
Chips from the Chocolate Fireball (CD compilation of 25 O'Clock and Psonic Psunspot)

Compilations, instrumentals, demos, live and tribute albums (with chart position) Edit

Fuzzy Warbles albums Edit

The "Fuzzy Warbles" series is a collection of demos and sketches from Andy Partridge's tape archive. They do not include any of Colin Moulding's songs and are produced and compiled by Partridge.

Other compilations Edit


Where available, chart positions are given for each country of release. Includes commercially available XTC singles, and commercially available singles credited to The Dukes of Stratosphear, The Colonel, and The Three Wise Men.

Release date Title Chart positions Notes Album
October 1977 "Science Friction" (Partridge) 7" single withdrawn in UK, though released in Europe, Australia and New Zealand. 12" released as 3D - EP. Non-album release
January 1978 "Statue of Liberty" (Partridge) White Music
April 1978 "This Is Pop?" (Partridge) Completely re-recorded version of a track from White Music. Non-album release
September 1978 "Are You Receiving Me?" (Partridge) #86 Initially a non-LP single. Track included on some later pressings of Go 2. Non-album release
April 1979 "Life Begins at the Hop" (Moulding) #44 #80 #94 Initially a non-LP single. Track included on some later pressings of Drums and Wires. Single came out after "Making Plans for Nigel" outside of UK. Non-album release
September 1979 "Making Plans For Nigel" (Moulding) #17 #14 #94 Drums and Wires
January 1980 "Ten Feet Tall" (Moulding) US release only. Completely re-recorded version of a track from Drums and Wires. Non-album release
March 1980 "Wait Till Your Boat Goes Down" (Partridge) Non-album release
August 1980 "Generals and Majors" (Moulding) #32 #92 #104 #24 Black Sea
October 1980 "Towers of London" (Partridge) #31
October 1980 The Colonel:
"Too Many Cooks In The Kitchen" (The Colonel) i.e. Moulding
Pseudonymous single by XTC's Colin Moulding, with Terry Chambers on drums. Non-album release
November 1980 "Take This Town" (Partridge) UK release only. From the Times Square soundtrack. B-side by The Ruts. Non-album release
December 1980 "Sgt. Rock (Is Going To Help Me)" (Partridge) #16 Black Sea
January 1981 "Love At First Sight" (Moulding) North American release only.
March 1981 "Respectable Street" (Partridge) Remixed single version, featuring "cleaned up" and re-sung lyrics.
January 1982 "Senses Working Overtime" (Partridge) #10 #36 #12 English Settlement
February 1982 "Ball and Chain" (Moulding) #58 #97
May 1982 "No Thugs In Our House" (Partridge)
April 1983 "Great Fire" (Partridge) Mummer
June 1983 "Wonderland" (Moulding)
September 1983 "Love On A Farmboy's Wages" (Partridge) #50
November 1983 The Three Wise Men:
"Thanks For Christmas" (Balthazar/Kaspar/Melchior)
Pseudonymous Christmas single. Non-album release
September 1984 "All You Pretty Girls" (Partridge) #55 #76 The Big Express
November 1984 "This World Over" (Partridge) #99
February 1985 "Wake Up" (Moulding) #94
April 1985 The Dukes of Stratosphear:
"The Mole From The Ministry" (Johns) i.e. Partridge
Pseudonymous single by XTC's alter ego The Dukes of Stratosphear. 25 O'Clock
September 1986 "Grass" (Moulding) #100 Skylarking
February 1987 "The Meeting Place" (Moulding) #100
March? 1987 "Earn Enough For Us" (Partridge) Released in Canada and Australia only.
June 1987 "Dear God" (Partridge) #99 Originally the non-album B-side to "Grass". Later an A-side, and included on later pressings of Skylarking. Reached #15 on Billboard's Rock Album Tracks Chart (US).
July 1987 The Dukes of Stratosphear:
"You're A Good Man Albert Brown" (Johns) i.e. Partridge
Pseudonymous single by XTC's alter ego The Dukes of Stratosphear. Psonic Psunspot
January 1989 "The Mayor of Simpleton" (Partridge) #46 #42 #72 Reached #1 on Billboard's Modern Rock chart (US). Oranges & Lemons
April 1989 "King For A Day" (Moulding) #82 Reached #11 on Billboard's Modern Rock chart (US).
August 1989 "The Loving" (Partridge)
March 1992 "The Disappointed" (Partridge) #33 #32 Nonsuch
May 1992 "The Ballad of Peter Pumpkinhead" (Partridge) #71 #48
September 1992 "Wrapped In Grey" (Partridge) Withdrawn, only a few copies known to exist.
April 1999 "Easter Theatre" (Partridge) Apple Venus
June 1999 "I'd Like That" (Partridge) #121
May 2000 "I'm The Man Who Murdered Love" (Partridge) #144 Wasp Star
December 2005 "Where Did The Ordinary People Go?" (Moulding) Internet-only release. Non-album release

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