I am CSD, acronym for ComicStripDude. I'm also known in some places as Thorn Brain.

Basic InfoEdit

I'm an artist-cum-music aficionado, critic, and YouTube ranter/YouTube Pooper. My most defining aspects are my musical eclecticity, the contradictory pickiness that coincides with the eclecticity, and my deep hatred for the mainstream music junta.


I became an XTC fan after a period of years hearing different songs from them before finally putting a face on them just a couple years ago. Following listening through the Apple Venus albums, and making my way through their catalogue, I've been hooked since. Aside from compilations or collectables, the only XTC album I do not have is Drums and Wires, believe it or not.

Favorite Music genres and ArtistsEdit

(The closer an artist is the the top of their list, the more I like them)

Finding me elsewhereEdit

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