"Traffic Light Rock" is a song written by Andy Partridge. It was originally released on the 10" sampler LP Guillotine and was later included as a bonus track on re-releases of White Music.

A live version appeared on the 2002 Coat of Many Cupboards box set.


“Following the success of their 3D - EP and the release of their magnificent new album White Music, this is an XTC track which can't be found on either. The pride of Swindon, now worshipped nationwide, this combo is in the process of changing the shape of the universe.”

Andy (on the live version): “The scallies that inhabited the greasy gloom of Eric's were a really good natured bunch, despite the fact that DJ, Roger Eagles I think his name was, would attempt to pummel them into depressed submission by playing the heaviest, dark Satanic dub you could imagine all evening. It was oddly thrilling though and obviously made an impression on us, which was first to surface on our own dub experiments later that year. Listen to ‘Fireball X15/Fireball Dub’ on this disc. ‘Traffic Light Rock’ was one of our encores on this evening as Barry could stick to piano, his organ having given up the ghost. Anyone who attended our early gigs may remember Barry would spray paint a phrase that sprang into his mind, on the back of his Lawrence piano, changing it every few shows. Some that I can remember include ‘All Human Life is Here’, ‘Dominance and Submission’, ‘Forbidden or Compulsory’, ‘Dianne Fluck’ (real name of Swindon screen starlet, Diana Dors), ‘Brian Hatred’ and ‘Dog Breath’. For the full effect, have six cans of Breaker, take your shirt off, turn the stereo up to antisocial and yell ‘bromide’.”


I'm out and I'm driving

Got my eyes on romance

She says I've got a brand new thingey

Want to show you this dance

I say am I learning it steady

She say Look you're doing it already

It's the traffic light rock

Stop 'n go - all of the time

It's the traffic light rock

Stop 'n go - all of the time

I'm out by the dance hall

Best buddy by my side

He says I've got a brand new car

I want to take for a ride

I say can we take Joan and Freddie

He say no they ain't ready