"Spinning Top" is a song written by Andy Partridge. It appeared on the 1977 album White Music.

A live version appeared on the 2002 Coat Of Many Cupboards box set.


Andy (on the live version): “Seeing as we're going pretty much chronologically through this collection, our spit stained Tardis pops up in Eric's Club in Liverpool (now the tourist's version of The Cavern I think). We'd signed to Virgin at this point, they beat out Island and EMI's Harvest labels on the potential stakes, and they insisted that we be recorded live via their manor mobile truck. Eric's became a reasonably regular gig for us, so it was decided to commit our first noise to tape here. At this point we hadn't recorded 3D - EP or White Music, we were an unknown band with puzzling new material. But we seemed to go down well enough in this stygian sweat pit.

Barry's organ is a little low in the mix as it was broke during the set and started emitting a gargling sound. Normally it gave out a pure tone (draw a straight line to depict), but after some disrespectful punk hammering all it gave up was ‘Grrronk!’ (draw a Greek key pattern to depict).

“Every time we played Eric's two individuals would turn up, one would shout ‘John The Postman’ in the gaps between the songs and the other, even more mystifyingly, would bellow ‘bromide, get into bromide’. You can hear him on this recording.”


I'm like a spinning top

Going round and around

Well I don't know what's up

And I sure don't know what's down

Now watch me

I'm like a spinning top

Can't tell day from night

Well I don't know what's wrong

And I sure don't know what's right

Now watch me

It started when I heard your song of love

Pouring down like honey from above

I started to spin

I started to move

Just like a needle

That's sticking in the same old groove

I'm like a spinning top

I like it so much that I'm never going to stop