"History of Rock & Roll" is a recording by Andy Partridge. It appeared on the 1980 Miniatures LP. It later appeared in 1990 on the odds-and-ends compilation Rag and Bone Buffet.


Andy: “There was this project called Miniatures. Each cut was supposed to be less than a minute. I went for the gigantic: a history of rock 'n' roll in 22 seconds. The 50's: an echoed hiccupping vocal of the word 'well'. The 60's: A snatch of a fuzzbox riff in indian scale. The 70's: A power chord. The 80's: At the time, this was done in 1981, the 80's threatened to go horribly synthetic, and a lot of it did, so the 80's is an electronic fart. The 90's? I suspect that will be a bit of a James Brown drum rhythm.”


So, let's briefly summarize what we know, shall we?

The 50's

The 60's

The 70's

And finally, the 80's

Thank you, and goodnight

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