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{{Infobox musical artist | | Name = Dave Gregory | Img = | Img_capt = | Img_size = <!-- Only use for images smaller than 220 pixels --> | Background = guitarist | Birth_name = David Gregory | Alias = Lord Cornelius Plum | Born = 1952-09-21, Swindon, Wiltshire | Origin = [[Swindon]], Wiltshire, England | Instrument = Guitar, Keyboards, Backing Vocals | Genre = New Wave, Brit Pop, Neo-Psychedelia | Occupation = Guitarist, keyboardist, string arranger | Years_active = 1972-present | Label = [[Virgin Records|Virgin]] | Associated_acts = [[XTC]], [[The Dukes of Stratosphear]], | URL = | Notable_instruments = }}

Dave Gregory (born David Gregory, 21 September 1952, Swindon, Wiltshire, England) was the lead guitarist of the New Wave band, XTC, from immediately prior to the recording of the Drums and Wires LP in 1979 to his eventually leaving the band in 1999. He also contributed keyboards, backing vocals and string arrangements to their work.

Since leaving XTC Gregory has been much in demand as a session musician with a number of artists including Peter Gabriel, Aimee Mann, Cud, Marc Almond, Johnny Hates Jazz, Jason Donovan, Martin Newell, Louis Philippe, Lulu, Mark Owen, R. Stevie Moore and others. Gregory, who has been regularly involved in Steve Hogarth's h-Band, has also contributed to works by Porcupine Tree, including string arrangements on their sixth album, Lightbulb Sun, and for Dublin group Pugwash Jollity.

Gregory suffers from diabetes; in 2004 retinopathy threatened to end his career but he has since made a full recovery.

In 2008, Gregory began lending his own memories of recording tracks with XTC to Myspace's XTC fansite alongside Andy Partridge's ongoing interviews.[1]

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