Apple Venus is the joint title of two albums, Apple Venus and Wasp Star, and their respective demo releases, that were released in 1999 and 2000, respectively, after XTC's strike and disconnection from Virgin Records.

The two were thought of as two sides of the same coin, with one disc being an acoustic and orchestral piece (Apple Venus) and the other a guitar-driven pop album (Wasp Star). They were originally supposed to be a double-album, but the two discs had to be released seperately due to financial restraints.

Studio albumsEdit

Demos, Instrumentals and CompilationsEdit

  • Homespun (Volume 1 demos) (1999)
  • Homegrown (Wasp Star demos and extended versions) (2001)
  • Instruvenus (Instrumental version of Volume 1) (2002)
  • Waspstrumental (Instrumental versions of Wasp Star) (2002)
  • Apple Box (All four studio and demo albums) (2005)
  • Apple Vinyls (Twelve 7" singles of Volume 1 tracks backed with Wasp Star tracks, plus bonus single "Spiral/Say It") (2006)