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XTC's 3D EP was the band's vinyl debut. It was released on October 7, 1977 on Virgin Records. It was 12" single and was initially proposed with a 7" single (known as the 3D Single). However instead of issuing both Virgin recalled the 7" at the very last minute (however a few singles did escape). The singles that do exist have been known to fetch upwards of $1,000.

The songs were recorded and mixed at Abbey Road Studios, London, April 28-30 1977. The sessions were produced and engineered by John Leckie. "I'm Bugged" and "New Town Animal in a Furnished Cage" were also recorded at these sessions and these versions later appeared on their debut album White Music.

Promotional videos were made for "Science Friction", She's So Square" and "Dance Band". These same songs appeared on the White Music CD as bonus tracks.

"Goodnight Sucker" is an unlisted bonus track. It has yet to make an appearance on any other release.

Track listing[]

  1. "Science Friction" (Andy Partridge) (3:12)
  2. "She's So Square" (Andy Partridge) (3:06)
  3. "Dance Band" (Colin Moulding) (2:40)
  4. "Goodnight Sucker"* (Terry Chambers/Barry Andrews) (0:20)